Terms & Conditions

Official Rules 

Acceptance of official rules 

Acceptance – each player must agree to these official rules to participate in Overworld Limited competitions. Players/teams will accept these official rules by any one of the following methods: 

  • By accepting a match or team invite
  • By signing up to an Overworld tournament
  • By participating in a match

Additional authority – Overworld Limited reserves the right to exercise necessary authority, without limitation to protect the interests of Overworld Limited. 

Overworld Limited’s decisions will be final and binding on all matters related to a competition. 

General Eligibility 

Overworld Limited shall have, in its sole and absolute discretion, the right to determine the eligibility of any and all participants. Players acknowledge that the eligibility determination of Overworld Limited is final, and that the eligibility status of any participant or player may change at any time. 

Player names: Players must use an acceptable name in competitions. 


To be able to compete as a player in competitions you must be in good standing with respect to any Overworld Limited competition. 


Players must be eligible to play in an E-sports event according to their local age restrictions, at the point of tournament registration. 

Personal information 

Participants personal information will be subject to Overworld Limited’s privacy and cookie policy. Participants personal information will be processed for the purpose of organizing, running and monitoring the competition and prize fulfilment. 

Personal information will be processed in the United Kingdom. 

Participants have the right to access, withdraw and correct their personal information. 

Code of Conduct 

The below Code of Conduct applies to all players in Overworld Limited competitions at all levels of the competition. The tournament organiser, Overworld Limited reserves the right to level penalties, sanction or disqualify any player at its discretion. 

Player Behaviour 

Competitors must conduct themselves in a reasonable manner, maintaining an appropriate demeanour to spectators, tournament administrators and organisers, and to other players. These requirements apply to both offline and online, including with respect to social media conduct and activity on live streams. All players are expected to adhere to these standards of sportsmanship. 

During a Competition 

All players are expected to adhere to the standards of good sportsmanship at all times. Players will refrain from: 

· Using vulgar or offensive language 

· Abusive behaviour, including harassment and threats are prohibited 

· Physical abuse, or any threatening action or threatening language directed at a player, spectator, official or any other person 

· Any action that interferes with play of a game, including but not limited to purposely breaking a game station, interfering with power, and abuse of in-game pausing, is prohibited and can result in match forfeiture and disqualification from the competition. 

· Gambling, including betting on the outcome of games, is prohibited 

All players must not disclose any confidential information provided by Overworld Limited to any other people or group of people, including via social media. 

Competitors have responsibility for their own moderation of chats and must ensure chats refrain from: 

· Using vulgar or offence language 

· Abusive behaviour, including harassment and threats are prohibited 

· Physical abuse, or any threatening action or threatening language directed at a player, spectator, official or any other person 

Collusion Policy 

Collusion is defined as any agreement among two or more teams to disadvantage other teams in a competition. Collusion between teams is strictly prohibited. Any teams determined by Overworld Limited at any phase of a competition to be engaging in collusion will be removed from the competition. 

Examples of conclusion include, but are not limited to: 

· Intentionally losing a match for any reason 

· Playing on behalf of another, including using a secondary account, to aid them 

· Any form of match fixing 

· Agreeing to split prize money 


Violation of any part of these official rules will, at Overworld’s discretion result in 

· Sanction (s) and/or 

· Loss of winner status 

All players must follow Overworld Limited’s directions. All decisions and rulings of Overworld Limited are final and binding. Overworld Limited reserves that right to sanction any player in a tournament, at any time for any reason. Sanctions may include the following: 

· Warning 

· Reprimand 

· Forfeiture of a game 

· Loss of awards (including prize money) 

· Disqualification 

Warzone tournaments hosted by Overworld Limited 

Call of Duty – Saturday Night Tournament 

Unless advised otherwise, tune in live at 8.30pm BST Tournament starts at 8.40pm BST 

The tournament structure is as follows: 

Phase 1 – The Knockout Round 

All teams play as many games as they can fit within the timed period. 

2 x 60 minutes halves: 

  1. 20:40 – 21:40 BST Knockout First Half 
  1. 21:40 – 21:50 BST Break in play for half time scoring on Overworld Stream 
  1. 21:50 – 22:50 BST Knockout Second Half 

All games across both halves accumulate and are added together to give a score. You must drop at the end of each half and submit your scores. 

Failure to submit scores within 3 minutes of the end of this round will mean the final game played is disqualified. There is no grace period for play and you are responsible for managing your time. Top 16 scores progress onto phase 2. 

Phase 2 – Top 16 

As above but one 50 minute round to accumulate as many points as possible. The Top 8 progress to phase 3. 

Phase 3 – Top 8 

As above but one 50 minute round to accumulate as many points as possible. The Top 8 progress to phase 3. 

Phase 4 – Top 4 Head to Head 

The top 4 teams will play for placement in a series of head to head matches. Please see specific rules below for the head to head round. 

Each phase is a new scoring system and does not carry over. 

In the event of a draw in phase 1 or 2, the top 4/8 tier will be extended to include drawn position. For other rounds we will go back to the previous round to compare scores on a tie break. 

If there is a draw here AND a draw from the previous round, we will at our discretion compare another metric or arrange a single one off head to head. 

During the event 

You (or a representative) MUST be tuned into overworld at all times in case we need to call out to you live on air. You must be contactable during the tournament. 

Failure to respond to communications during the tournament when you are contacted will lead to termination from the event. 

Communication will happen through the email address you gave us but we will also make efforts to contact you through the stream and potentially through messenger if you or a representative has reached out to us. 

During the live event, if we have sent you an email communication there will be a 15 minute window to reply. During this window If you have not responded early we will make attempts to contact you live over the stream but after this window if we need to progress the tournament then you will be eliminated for failing to communicate with us. Overworld withhold the right to extend this time window if we feel we have reason to but will allow you the right of those 15 minutes to reply. 


One member from each team must stream for the duration of the tournament. If a team makes it to the top 4 all 4 members must stream for that round. These streams must be left online and available to Overworld for 7 days after the end of the event to allow for further verification.  

Scores submittal 

You are responsible for submitting your own scores. 

Placement Points 

Placement points are awarded as follows: 

1 point per kill. 

Once per team, per game as follows (This excludes the Top 4 Round – see below): 

Top 25 – 2 points 

Top 10 – 3 points 

Top 5 – 5 points 

Victory – 10 points 

You will be sent a link to the email address you give us to submit your own scores. You should not give this link to anyone unless they are submitting on your behalf 

You are responsible for the possession of this link. 

The link will be sent 6 hours before the start of the tournament and you are responsible for the receipt of this link. 

If you do not receive your link 6 hours before the tournament you must contact us to tell us BEFORE the start time of the tournament (8.30 BST). 

If you contact us after this time asking for a scoring link you may have your request denied and may be terminated from the event (although of the request is made early on in the tournament we may be able to accommodate you. This is particularly for if you notice an error while accessing the link). 

All scores require photo verification. Scores will be compared against the call of duty API, however it is up to competitors to submit their scores. Only submitted scores will be counted. 



  1. The hosting team will create the lobby and invite the opponents using their Activision ID. Overworld will provide Users Activision IDs via the scoring links page. When sending friend requests in-game ensure that you are searching by the given ID type on the scoring page 
  1. Game type must be Battle Royale and squad size set as per instructions from OverWorld for that competition. In any case cross-play must still be enabled and Squad Fill must be set to “No Fill”.  
  1. Once all players are in the lobby, host must confirm all others are ready before launching.  
  1. The team with the highest kill count across all games will win that bracket. Positioning scores will not count in this round. 
  1. Once the match is complete, teams will submit their scores on the OverWorld Scoring link as per the rest of the competitionPlease do this for each game played (I.e you you would submit four results in quads). 

The Format 
Four teams will complete for placing in the top four. Each team will play 2 games in two pairings. 

  1. Teams will be randomly paired and play a game in both their own and the opposing teams’ lobby. 
  1. Both winners from the above games will play each other in both their own and the opposing teams’ lobby to decide 1st and 2nd placements, whilst the two losing teams will play each other in both their own and the opposing teams’ lobby to decide 3rd and 4th placements. 

Our top 4 teams will be invited into a discord with channels for them to communicate with both Overworld and one another. Once their partner has been announced it is up to the teams to organise getting into their lobbies and getting play underway. As this is a live event, teams will be given a strict time limit of 10 minutes to get into a lobby before being disqualified. 

How To Win  
Teams will play in a party alongside a nominated opposing team for a game in each lobby. Scores for both the “home” and “away” games will be combined to decide the winner. 

For Duos: 

“Team A” will host first, inviting “Team B” to join their party. A second game will then be played with “Team B” hosting. 

For Quads: 

Each team will nominate two players to play in the opposing team’s lobby. Two players from “Team A” will host two players from “Team B” whilst two players from “Team B” will host two players from “Team A” at the same time. 

Your team is considered out of the current game when both players in your team have been fully killed/eliminated for 30 seconds. Any in game actions that bring players back into the game after this will not allow that team to resume play. 

Gulag/Team Revive  

Players who make it back into the game via Gulag, Team Revive, or Self Revive are allowed to keep playing as normal.  

All kills shown on the leaderboard will be counted, including the Gulag kill 

You cannot remove your party from the match until both players have confirmed deaths (After Gulag), otherwise your team will forfeit your game 

Game type will be set dependant on tournament event by Overworld. Entering the wrong game type will invalidate that game. 


Should a tie situation between two teams emerge a countback to the highest score in the last round will decide the winner. Should that also be a tie we will continue to count back through the previous stages. 

Pick Ups and Buy Ins  

Any pick up or buy in items (Armour boxes, loadouts etc.) are open to all players in the squad, not just the finding/buying team.  

If a team buy back a player of the incorrect team, that player can re-enter play UNLESS his team is already eliminated. It is up to the player buying back to ensure he has selected the correct squad member.  


Contracts can be collected.  

If a team complete a contract or part of a contract all players in the squad will gain the benefit of that contract. It is down to individual strategy as to whether a team decides to take a contract.  

Most Wanted and Jail Break  

If a team has been eliminated (all players have died with no chance of return) but the opposing team in their squad are still in valid gameplay and the following happens:  

  1. A jailbreak event happens  
  1. A most wanted is completed by the members of the squad of the opposing team  

Then the eliminated team members must immediately fall to their deaths as they are already out of the game and no further scores can be accrued.  

If a most wanted is completed with both teams in play then both teams can benefit.  

Affecting Play of The Opposing Team 
Any gameplay which purposefully attempts to alter the gameplay of the opposing team will lead to instant disqualification. If you feel that the opposing team has attempted to do this please contact Overworld with evidence of the event. 


In the event of a dispute, please contact Overworld via Facebook with any supporting evidence as soon as an incident occurs, if still in a game allow that game to play out unless instructed by a member of the Overworld team. In the top 4 section of the tournament, any game dropping without the agreement of Overworld may be seen as a forfeit. 

You are responsible for submitting us an accurate score. If you make an error you are responsible for reporting this. Please message the Overworld page directly so we can amend any errors. 

Any attempt to use a dispute to hold up progress of the tournament without due cause may lead in a deduction of points and in extreme cases disqualification. 

Overworld withhold the right to make a final decision and to move the tournament forward in the event of a lack of responses/communications or in the event that we are unable to verify your dispute. Any decision on a dispute is at the discretion of Overworld and Overworld’s decision will be final. 

Any genuine disputes which are missed during the live event will be reviewed after the tournament. If your dispute is accurate but would NOT have affected placement (i.e. if changing it would mean you still did not progress) then you will receive an apology, help to ensure the issue is fixed for the future but no further action. 

If the dispute was accurate and did affect your ability to move on (i.e. you should have progressed but the dispute was not received on time) then you will he offered compensation in the form of your payment being credited towards a future event. 

By entering the tournament, you agree to the rules, terms and conditions and confirm that you have read and understand the above text.