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    Rocket League Tournaments

    Rocket League - How To Play

    Rocket league is a game bringing 2 different genres together combining both ‘soccer’ and cars into its unique gameplay style where the players possess high powered cars. If you enjoy the reckless feeling of manically driving around and the worlds most famous and popular sport then rocket league is the perfect game to you. Our 2v2 tournaments can supply a competitive atomosphere for players , however it can also be a scene for casual gamers who just want to have fun and enjoy the game.

    Rocket League 2 vs 2

    As a pair teams will compete against other pairs in a ladder style tournament where the winners of each match will proceed to the next round. There is no score limit so the players will have the full duration of the game to attempt to score as many goals as you can as a team.

    The players will have the option between playing with either the average XBOX controller or the razor (or additionally professional controller) additionally the players have the option of using a keyboard and mouse however it is recommended to use the controller. If players wish to play using a keyboard and mouse they will be asked to bring along their own keyboard and mouse for their own personal use as they will not be provided for them.

    If the map results in a tie the match will automatically go into overtime. Once in overtime the first team to score a goal wins that map.

    Hosts must follow the correct Server (Region) decided from the challenge options. Hosting with the incorrect server will result in a forfeit of the map.

    Roomnames and Passwords are added by the challenge creator. Passwords and Room Names must be 3+ Characters. View your match page for your Roomname & Password for your match.

    General Rules

    The default tournament setting is for Duo tournaments where 2 players will compete in a team for the right of winning:

    Map Length: 5 mins

    Overtime: Sudden death (Next team to score wins)

    Server Region: Challenge Option