Rainbow Six Siege

      Rainbow Six Siege - How To Play

      Rainbow six siege is an FPS heavily inspired by counter-terroritst activites across the world, plus with a special focus and strong emphasis on enviromental destruction and cooperation between players to defeat and bring down players. Due to the unique destructable enviroment and selection of operators Rainbow six siege strongly encourages you to be creative with your strategies when playing against each other in game.

      Match settings:

      Map pool only the following maps will be allowed to played:  Bank, Consulate, Border, Kafe Dostoyevsky, Club house, Villa, Coastline.

      The map will be decided with the teams taking turns on banning them with the last map standing being the selected map for that event which they play. The team with the final say on what map is being played will allow their opponents to choose what side that team starts. (If team A chooses between the last 2 maps then team B will choose what side their team will start on attack or defence.

      All cosmetics of both operators and weapon skins are banned to avoid any tactical advantage. Operators that are put in quarantine are banned additionally the operators who are still in evaluation stage will not be allowed to participate.(the latest operators that have been released that season would have been put in the evaluation stage until the end of the ranked season).

      Spawn killing consists of the attacker dying within the first 2 seconds of the round is forbidden and will result in the defending team losing the round.


      Default match setting:

      • Number of Bans 4
      • Ban timer 20 sec
      • Number of rounds 12
      • Role swap 6 rounds
      • Overtime rounds 3
      • Overtime role swap 1
      • Objective rotation 2
      • Objective rotation type: Rounds won
      • Attacker unique spawn Enabled
      • 15 Sec pick timer
      • 6th pick Enabled
      • 6th pick timer 15 sec
      • Reveal Phase timer: 5
      • Damage 100
      • Friendly fire damage 100
      • Injured 20
      • Sprint Enabled
      • Lean Enabled


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        Rainbow six


        Tournament Begins: June 6, 2019, 11:50 am

        Tournament Type: Ladder

        Tournament Author: Gbenga

        Maximum Participants: 4 users

        Current Participants: 2 users