There are no active tournaments for selected games.

There are no active tournaments for selected games.

Overwatch - How To Play

Overwatch is an FPS game where there are 3 different roles to choose from to help contribute to your teams triumph over your enemy: Support, Damage or Tank. There is a large selection of playable characters to choose from encouraging a variety of different team compositions to be played in game.

There are different game modes within overwatch that are playable and can be played in a competitive enviroment. These game modes include: Escort, Control point, Assault and hybrid (which is a combination of escort and assault where in order to begin the payload moving you need to capture a point).


Overwatch Competeitive

For Overwatch players will be presented with the choice of using either the standard ps4/Xbox controller or the Nacon controller (No provided on site will have to be brought by players desired to use them).Any additional customizations of controllers will be deemed unfair such as marcos or analog stick attachments and will be asked to remove them before the match begins..Either way before the match begins make sure to check with a member staff whether your control is eligible for the tournament.

If the wrong region was selected it is not a valid reason to dispute a match. The match is to be played to its entirety and the correct scores are to be reported.

Match structure:

4 Rounds with 4 different maps

The maps will be chosen by the host (Us), and regardless of the result of the first 3 maps the 4th map will be played in the event of a draw on 1 map neither team will be given a win and the team with the most maps won will move into the next stage of the tournament. A map from each type of game mode will be played. In the event of a tie 2;2 wins a 5th game will be played as a tiebreaker played and set on a control map. The following are modes and small description of them along with there restricted maps to each game mode:


In this game mode where the attacking team must escord the payload through the course of a map and push it to a delivery point whilst the defending team attempts to stop the payload moving and reaching the delivery point before the time runs out. If the time runs out whilst the attacking team are pushing in this case it will go to overtime where as soon as there are no players (on the attacking side) on the payload the round will end and then the teams will switch sides.

Map pool:   Watchpoint Gibraltar — Dorado — Havana — Route 66 — Junkertown — Rialto


In assault the attacking team is set with the task of claiming a stationary objective in a limited amount of time where there are percentage checkpoints on the objective so that as they are capturing the point if they are pushed off the point and they have reached a checkpoint the progress can not be set past this checkpoint. The defending team will attempt to prevent the attacking team from capturing the point until the time runs out. Then once again after the round is over the 2 teams will switch sides.

Map pool:   Hanamura — Horizon Lunar Colony — Temple of Anubis — Volskya Industries — Paris



Control points is a game mode where there are a single point on  the map where there is no attacking or defending team both teams objectives are to claim and maintain control over a single point for percentage of time. Where your team has control over the objective your teams percentage will grow 1% per second toward 100% completion. The winner of this mode is the team that reachs 100% first and beats there opposition to this goal. Overtime will be triggered if the point is being contested by both teams when the percentage hits 99%.

Map pool: Lijang Tower — Nepal — Ilios — Oasis — Busan



As preivously stated Hybrid is a game mode which combines aspects from 2 different types of game modes. Where it takes the aspect from Assault capture point where the attackers have to claim an objective but once captured the map will then turn into a Escort map where the attackers will have to deliver the payload to the end (the delivery point).

Map pool: King’s Row — Numbani — Hollywood — Eichenwalde — Blizzard World



Default match settings:

-Game mode customs

-Ruleset Competitive

Map options:

-Map rotation – after match

-Map order: Single Map

Hero options:

-Hero Selection Limit: Single hero

-No adjustments to cooldowns or movement speed, or combat modifiers all are at default level

-No heroes banned anything goes unless otherwise stated before the tournament begins due to either glitches or bugs

There are no active tournaments for selected games.