Fortnite Tournaments

    Fortnite Tournaments

    • Manual test


      Tournament Begins: January 7, 2020, 12:00 pm

      Tournament Type: Knockout

      Tournament Author: Victoria Overworld League

      Maximum Participants: 16 users

      Current Participants: 7 users

    • Fortnite Tournament


      Tournament Begins: June 16, 2019, 2:00 pm

      Tournament Type: Ladder

      Tournament Author: admin

      Maximum Participants: 50 users

      Current Participants: 0 users

    Fortnite - How To Play

    Fortnite is a competitive style game where masses of players will play in a single game (consisting of 100 players) where they all compete against each other to be the last one standing. Players can either work as a solo player or they can team up with friends to get a Victory Royale. They fight using various weapons accross the map found around the place or hidden in chests. Addtionally the players can create bases and structures to give themselves advantages over other players that they find in game.

    1v1 Matches

    • The host will invite there opponent to a Duo Lobby where they will que in a game together and keep track of each others performance.

    2v2 Matches

    • The hosting team will invite there opponent to a Squad lobby where once again they will que in a game together to compete
    • Once both teams are in the same game they will proceed by matchmaking in the same game with the correct region.


    The tournament is set in the same standard fortnite games in normal matchmaking as a standard battle royale and only one round should be played meaning that as soon as you load in the game thats it thats your chance, you can’t restart because you began to lose or you died off spawn. The only case that this is allowed is when a player disconnects due to connection issues from with niether side with any kills.

    • The winner of the game is decided by the most amount of kills as a team within that game , meaning that the team with the most kills at the end of the game shall be the winners of that round and will win the map.
    • Once the game has ended any further kills made will not count for example the game is offically ended when either the game is won with a Victory royale or that both teams are dead.
    • So if players 1, 2 and 3 are all dead but player 4 is still alive then the game is still in play. In this case if player 1 gets a kill after there death but player 4 is still alive then the kill will add on to the total of the player 1’s team.


    In the event of a draw the next win condition will be survival time where the team that has surived the longest will win the round and proceed in the tournament. If both teams surive the same amount of time and all 4 players survived to win the match then the win condition will go to the final kill where the player who got the last kill in the match will win the round for there team.

    • Players are advised to record there game as this will settle any disputes of violations of the rules so that we can take action according given the evidence provided via recording.
    • In the case that we will need to see the evidence the players will be asked to upload there clips on to youtube or some other form of social media where the video can be reviewed and acting upon by our admin team.
    • Purposfully sabotaging your opponent in game is strickly prohibited for example when they are in a gun fire and you throw a boogie bomb on them or if they are in a base and you destroy it. This is against the rules and will result in instant disqualifaction. Evidence of this will be required and will be reviewed upon upload.
    • This tournament has ended!



      Tournament Begins: June 6, 2019, 3:05 pm

      Tournament Type: Knockout

      Tournament Author: Gbenga

      Maximum Participants: 3 users

      Current Participants: 3 users