Facebook Streaming

author image by | 0 Comments | May 21, 2019

Hi Guys Nitrolukedx here, sharing a little insight into Face Book streaming.

Influencers are too protective and guarded over viewers, so share and promote one another.

Engage your audience, communication is so important. Electing moderators as you grow your audience is paramount as these guys are walking talking advertising gold. Choose them wisely.

It is essential to get the basics right from the outset, can be somewhat generic, but info about you, PC set up, game configurations, lighting, camera set up etc. bring a full-scale professional production visual level stream too the table so to speak.

Without sounding condescending, this is a job so applying business strategy processes is vital. Framework your expectations almost like a storyboard, I set this out like a family tree, starting with the subject matter/theme with a beginning middle and end, branching off with ideas noting which work etc. you do not want to saturate your content by endless grinding away, quality over quantity. We only truly need to be concerned if we run out of ideas.

This industry I have learnt is forever evolving, so be agile; this allows us to develop organically and learn along the way. It’s so true when they say you learn something new every day. However, I still am intrigued as to who “they” actually are.

I, for example, do not always play purely for the win, I have created an identity for dynamic game-play that currently my audience responds to, so fundamentally speaking I try and give them what they want. I promote challenges, and when I choose to accept the mission if I complete the challenge set they become a supporter, then get the stream to hit with flex emojis as I give them a “God Level” shout out, it’s fun, the viewers want an experience, they love to be noted and are wanting their little bit of escapism whilst having an enjoyable experience.

I by no means have all the answers to success as I have nowhere near reached my potential or goals in life. I just wanted to share my insights and understanding from within the community and industry.

Peace and love people.